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Sunday, October 14, 2012

A New Life As A Bachelor

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Long time not update my lovely blog. It was really a bored weekend. This bored weekend remind me of you. Really miss you since the last time I've meet you for about 1 month already. We are not really far away from each other but still I don't know why I had this kind of feeling. Feeling of curiosity. Feeling of needless.  Feeling of empty. Feeling of  got something, but at the same time it was just a hopeless thing.

I don't know why sometimes I feel jealous with them deep inside my heart. Looking at them make me wondering and imaging that how I wish I'm also like them. Yet, I'm only dreaming of it when I realize that I woke up every morning just to get ready for the classes. So frustrating !

But Alhamdulillah I already got a new friends here. Even some of them are not in the same class with me but still we will get our dinner together early at 6.00 pm everyday. Perhaps this is the best way for me to be here with the new environment, new people, new lecturers, new life and everything is new for me. How I wish you are here with me too.

credit to RieRie

p/s : I don't want anything yet I just want " lily ". but still, I'm just dreaming about it. T_T

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