Right man, wrong time. Wrong man, right time. Good man, wrong words. Bad man (jerk), right words. New man, same old lies. Old man (ex), new lies.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Don't Say...

Don't say you love me, unless your words are true..
For a lie such that will break my heart in two..
And if you don't truly feel that way for me,
Please, don't hold me down anymore, set me free..

Don't say you love me, if it's just another lie..
Because everytime you say it, little by little i'll die..
Yes, I love you, in my own special way..
But if we continue like this, i'm afraid I can't stay..

Don't say you love me, like I am the one..
F0r your only purpose is to have some fun..
So, if every ' I LOVE YOU ' is just a lie..
Then, I think it's time, we both say ' GOODBYE! '

p/s : these based on my own experience...:girl_5:

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