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Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Question on Life is Why, Why and Why??

Dear Blogie...


it seemed forever
every second felt like an hour
time seemed to slow down
when it was really unnecessary;

i guess i got lost
trying to be someone else,
somewhere along the way
i left myself behind;

everything i touched was golden,
everthing i loved got broken,
every mistake i’ve ever made
has been replayed over and over again
as i got lost along the way;

some said i was a lost woman
in my own fantasy world,
but then i would probably
be dead by now;

growing tired and weary,
i stepped out for
some fresh air;

standing still in emotions
that i cannot show,
i feel there is nothing else
left for me to do here;

everytime i try to dream,
memories still haunt me,
over and over again
replaying in my head;

as darkness comes
and my world fades to black
i reach for life (love)
but grab thorns instead
yet i laugh and walk away
like I always do..

p/s : i am walking away from things that i believed to be mine and from people who i thought to be my friends. While i just laugh and walk away, like i always do, at times i try to find a reason but waste countless hours or days. I came back to life for a reason, but going back without one. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed.

Thank you for read, like and comment. I Love You Sweetie! :)

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