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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Entri 12.12.12.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

12.12.12. Beautiful date in a beautiful month for a beautiful year isn't? Well. My entry is not about the date. But I was thinking bout something after I review and flashback all of my old entries today, starting when I for the first time being a part time blogger until now for this blog.

Damn. What is this all about? Hell no ! What all the nonsense Cik Eniey? Hahaha~ And what I do is just turn myself for being the new Cik Eniey as now. Oh how shame I am when I was thinking bout the old Cik Eniey. It's start when I'm for the first time fought with a girl that I didn't know just for man that I love. Crazy right? How shameful I am right now when I remembered those day. Oh Allah ! First Love. Yeah it is. Cruel right. I fought with that girl for my first love. But then I'm suffer alone with the first love that I hold for 4 years. Stupid me. Hahaha~

Enough said, first love can't be forgotten just like that right? Naaa.. Don't lie to me if you didn't feel anything when it comes to first love. To be honest, first love taught us how the love is between man and woman despite of our love to Allah right? Even though the first love sometimes hurt, promise can be broken, pain that only can be heal by time, those memories that cannot be forgetten and so on, but the first love teach us what the life is. Lies, trust, love, faith, honest, loyal and so on.

Anyway, what goes around comes around. Whatever happen to us in this cruel world is His destiny. The destiny from Allah The Almighty one. Now, my heart feel light and at ease. Thanks to Allah for what I had right now. I'm so thankful because he didn't give what I want, but he give what I need in my life.

Glad that he was my first love until now. I will always love you my first love. The love which is the gift from Allah. InsyaAllah if we are really meant to be together, then we will. If not, never blame Him for whatever happen to us because He know the best for us right. My du'a is always with you. Syukran. ;))

p/s : apa apa pun yang pernah dia mengata dan mengutuk saya tanpa sedar mahupun tidak, saya dah maafkan awak untuk segala galanya. SAYA MAAFKAN AWAK awak dan awak, saudari. :)

Thank you for read, like and comment. I Love You Sweetie! :)

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