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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy Anniversary !

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Dear Incik Laukey,

We has started our new chapter for 1 year already. For being by my side, loving me, miss me, cares about me, for your understanding, your jokes, always agree with me even if I am wrong and for your good effort to make this relation work,

May this new chapter of ours will always with Allah S.W.T blessing, until Al-Jannah.
AMIN. :)

Let the pain be the past, leave it all behind.
Let the mistake be our lesson in the future and make us better.
I Heart You !

p/s : thank you 2011. 2012, please be nice to me ! (my first entry for this new year) :)

Thank you for read, like and comment. I Love You Sweetie! :)

4 rama-rama hinggap:

Si Gadis Tabah said...

peeewiittt <3 tahniah. i am happy for both of you seriously ! hehe.
pesan kat encik laukey : don't let banana fruits two times. if not ! i saman u ! hahaha :P

❤Sumie❤ said...


remember that ok?

Cik Eniey said...

@Si Gadis Tabah
InsyaAllah I will. heee~ thanx for everything~ :)

Cik Eniey said...

Ye ye ye.. I will remember that.. hohoho~
bahagia perlu di cari. bukan menanti. :)