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Friday, June 03, 2011

Sweetest Thing~

Assalamualaikum wbt.

boy : sy selalu ingt awk. awk je yg x ingt sy.
girl : mne awk tau x ingt?
boy : sy rasa la..
girl : sy mmg x ingt awk pn. hehe..
boy : tau.. :)
girl : ye la sbb awk ni dh mmg selalu ada dlm ati sy. nk ingt mcm mne lg..
boy : ada pn tetap kne ingt.
girl : bila dlm ati dh ada awk, means hidup ni x lari dari terpikirkn psl awk sbb u r the part of this life..

p/s : life ain't always be as sweet as the conversation above. people might change. words might be created. promise might broken. but no matter what happen, enjoy the sweetest thing that happen in our life. remember, LIFE GOES ON... (i admit there's something special between me and him. but i'm afraid with that).

Thank you for read, like and comment. I Love You Sweetie! :)

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